Doja Cat turns heads in red body paint and 30,000 crystals at Schiaparelli’s Paris show

The rapper turns heads in full body paint and 30,000 crystals at Schiaparelli’s Paris catwalk show.


Joe Budden To The Grammys, “Nicki Minaj Needs Her Flowers”

Joe Budden is calling out the Grammys award committee for consistently snubbing Nicki Minaj and not recognizing her talent for shattering the glass ceiling as it were, paving the way for young rappers entering the game.

Joe Budden was speaking to the fact that the “The Pinkprint” artist has not been recognized by the Grammys in spite of being the blueprint for the new age rappers. Budden is not and was never a fan of Nicki Minaj. However, he says respect is due to the Trinidadian-born female rapper, who is one of the greatest rappers of the 2010s decade for her numerous awards and overall contribution to female rap.

The former Slaughterhouse rapper made the comments during the latest episode of his eponymous podcast, where he asked why the Recording Academy has failed to recognize the New York rapper’s achievements and dominating influence.

“Nicki Minaj needs her flowers. Whoever the Grammy board is, whoever’s on there, y’all are not the ones that get to determine that Nicki Minaj and all of her impact and influence don’t get to win an award,” Budden said. “I’m sorry. I’m done with those days. Y’all are not the fuckin’ gatekeepers, the barriers of entry—y’all are not any of that … And now we’re at a stage when we have to acknowledge the, not the impersonators, but the people who were inspired by that act. It’s the same thing like when some of these people, I see the Drake influence there; call me dick rider, whatever, who knows.”

Joe Budden said the awards Doja Cat and others received made him reflect on the fact that the Grammys might end up only giving Nicki her roses after she leaves, something that music culture has moved past. “But Nicki is in that same boat. I don’t think too many more years need to go by when she’s not awarded for her efforts, that’s how I felt watching Doja Cat and some of the winners there.”

Meanwhile, his co-hosts speculated how the media or the public might react with “flowers” galore if “god forbid, something were to happen to Nicki.”

Nicki Minaj has been recognized as one of the most influential artists in hip-hop over the past decade – dropping multiple platinum records and rising to the No. 1 spot on various charts and accumulating many notable awards.

She has received almost a dozen Grammy nominations but has not won a single category during her career, which spanned more than 15 years.

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Beyonce Declined To Perform At The Grammys As The Weeknd Boycott Award Ceremony

Beyonce won’t be performing at the upcoming Grammy’s in spite of the expectations of fans. Beyonce was expected to attend the event even as she dominated the nominations list with a total of seven nominations- the most of all times, a record she now shares with Frank Sinatra.

Megan Thee Stallion had previously said she was hoping to have the superstar perform with her their hit single “Savage.” However, the Recording Academy, which is hosting the Grammy’s this weekend, was unable to get Beyonce on its lineup even though they managed to get some other big names.

Among those headlining the show this weekend are Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Roddy Ricch, Doja Cat, among others.

The Grammy’s is being boycotted by many artists this year for what has been deemed their racist behavior in nominating artists for the top awards. Drake and others like Popcaan, as well as The Weeknd, who was tipped to receive several nominations but were snubbed by the Grammys, have vowed to boycott the event going forward.

While no word has been released from Queen Bey’s camp, it is not farfetched to see how the “Black is King” singer who is conscious of race relations and outspoken against racism might not want to be associated with the Grammy’s.

It’s been reported that she declined the offer to perform. “It’s unfortunate because she’s such a big part of the Recording Academy,” Recording Academy Interim Chief Executive Harvey Mason said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “We absolutely wish we had her onstage.”

It’s not clear why Beyonce declined, and she isn’t the only one who isn’t planning to attend.

Last year The Weeknd, one of the biggest artists, called the Grammy’s corrupt and said he won’t be submitting any more of his music to the organization “because of the secret committees, I will no longer allow my label to submit my music to the Grammys,” he said.

The Weeknd and other artists have accused the Grammys of using their names and music to seek momentum for their awards show, only to later cut them. The criticisms of the show have been going on for decades, with even the likes of Eminem and Kanye calling the Grammy’s racist and biased, while Nicki Minaj and even Justin Bieber went as far as to call the organization corrupt.

The Weeknd was tipped to pick up awards for his After Hours album, which includes two Hot 100 hits, “Blinding Lights” and “Heartless.”


Azealia Banks Cooks Dead Cat & Body-shame Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion In Bizarre IG Rant

Azealia Banks has gone off her rockets again as the singer surfaced on the internet, acting bizarre and verbally attacking and body-shaming Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion.

In a video shared on the internet, Azealia Banks fat-shames Doja Cat, who she calls fat, pre-diabetic, and disgusting. The artist seems to be in a dry spell in her career as her behaviors alienate those around her and block her potential in spite of being undeniably talented.

In the past, Banks made defamatory comments about Kanye West, Lana Del Rey, and others and has seemingly been blackballed in the entertainment industry. Despite launching her career 10 years ago, others entering the game much more recently are attracting more success than banks.

The rapper’s disturbing behavior began on Tuesday morning in which she filmed herself going into her yard, digging up her dead cat, and boiling the corpse before using the skull as a decoration, which caused many online to react with disgust.

Later she began to bully the newcomers Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion. In a video, she and a fan can be heard criticizing Doja Cat’s body as they watched the music video for ‘Juicy’. She said, “Doja you look fat and you look disgusting. No! This is disgusting. This is pre-diabetic, b**ch! Disgusting. This is terrible, Doja, you’re fat.”

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She also started speaking about a conspiracy regarding China, or did she mean Chyna as in Blac Chyna as she is talking about light ski, wigs, and big fake butts all blended together to become the new American beauty standard?

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Fans reacted to Azealia Banks’ bizarre behavior. One fan said “not Azealia banks fat shaming doja cat n IG….Azealia can stay bitter, while doja is making money and hits, she’s going to be a broke flop sacrificing chickens in her closet.”

Banks was dragged online after disclosing that she kept a brujeria closet- a closet for witchcraft activities in 2016. The rapper shared her cleaning routine as fans speculated that the disgusting condition of the closet was because Banks was sacrificing farm animals for her witchcraft activities.

She also waylaid into Megan Thee Stallion, whose career took off in 2020. Megan has also received tons of positive attention that has largely focused on Megan’s voluptuous body and sexy curves. In the video on her IG account, Banks says to Megan, “you look like a f—king fat girl, this that bs fantasy, no eww, mmmhm no. Oh no Meg you’re getting fat,” she says as she is boosted up in the background by her male friend. “No, no, Meg, eww OMG she said.

Many fans reacted as they asked Banks to take her “meds” or seek help. One fan said, “go to therapy.” The videos received more than 200k views and thousands of comments with fans telling her she was being a hater or needed help.